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Yorkshire Animal Clinic was founded by:

Frankie Walsworth
BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy - MCSP, HCPC
PgDip Veterinary Physiotherapy - Cat A ACPAT

Three French Bullgod Puppies


Green Eyed Cat


What's it all about?

The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain mobility, function, independence and performance, whether this be for a horse who competes or an ageing companion dog. Assessments typically involve obtaining a detailed history, observing and analysing movement as well as a thorough physical examination. As physiotherapists we work alongside veterinary diagnoses and all referrals must be consented to and approved by a vet prior to the initial assessment.

Hey weekend working! It's not so bad when you're spending it with dogs like Boo 😍🐶#burnesemountain


Would my dog benefit?

It's not just sporting, working and agility dogs that can benefit from physiotherapy, those who have had surgery, suffered trauma or even ageing or obese dogs can reap the benefits too. Some acute injuries and conditions (such as muscle strains and fractures) may only require a short period of rehabilitation, whereas other conditions such as arthritis and hip dysplasia may need a more long-term management approach. Whatever the need, a thorough physiotherapy assessment could help to restore your friends function and improve their quality of life. It's also important to mention that physiotherapy for small animals is not limited only to dogs but can benefit cats and rabbits too!

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What can I expect?

Reduced performance? Changes in behaviour? Schooling problems? Lameness? These problems can occur for a number of reasons but are often your horses way of letting you know that something isn't right. In the absence of an obvious injury, trauma or condition, your horse may be experiencing pain, stiffness, weakness or instability. A physiotherapy assessment could help to highlight such issues and treat them accordingly through the use of different therapeutic techniques such as manual therapy, electrotherapy and exercise.

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Tell me more...

In many rehabilitation cases, a programme of combined hydrotherapy and physiotherapy can offer a number of benefits to your canine companion's recovery and well being. Whether this be swimming in the pool or walking in the water treadmill, the buoyancy effect of water reduces the load on weight bearing joints making it a safe and comfortable environment to exercise in.

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Physiotherapists that are professionally regulated by the CSP and ACPAT means that they are qualified to undertake both human and animal physiotherapy assessments. The partnership between horse and rider cannot be under-estimated and if as a rider you know you are carrying an injury or are imbalanced in the saddle, this can impact on your horses way of going. A horse and rider consultation would be highly recommended in this situation. Equally if you are struggling to run around the agility course or even walk your dog due to injury or pain - give us a shout! We're more than happy to help.



“Thank you Frankie for all your help in Alfie's recovery. We couldn't have got him back to his cheeky self without you".

Nicky S.

Love my job 🐶 xx

"Week on week Paddy is getting better and better. All the other dog owners comment on his progress; they can't believe it's the same dog! I can't thank you enough Frankie".

Karen M.


"I would just like to say a massive thank you to Frankie. I have seen a massive difference in Belle's recovery since she started doing her physiotherapy exercises. We look forward to seeing more of you!"

Jade G.


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